Ancient Citadel of Mehrpadin


Ancient Citadel of Mehrpadin in the southeast of Yazd Mehrpadin Castle – Fortress is definitely a masterpiece of architecture and cultural heritage of Safavid era (1500 to 1722 A.D.) This place was habitable up until 50 years ago and local people today can still remember their grandparents living in there. The fortress stands unique for it’s pinnacled clay-walls. Clay (CHINEH) is sort of a kneaded mud that is usually put to kneading for days and then is formed as cubes much bigger than ordinary sun-dried bricks. The commonest material that is used to fortify and waterproof those parts of the outer wall with exposure to the waters spilled in the ditch is plaster of lime and sand (mortar) along with huge rocks. This fortress is unique for its having waterproof outer clay-walls with no plaster of mortar used in it out of the ordinary. It’s said that the fortress is named after MEHR the daughter of king Anooshiravan, a legendary king of ancient Persia celebrated for his being a just ruler. There are two rows of walls around the fortress. The inner wall has built in ramparts that work to spy precincts of the castle. There are also some spy holes within the ramparts that are constructed in such a way as to ricochet incoming arrows and bullets. Stables and residences within the enclosure of the castle clearly illustrate the existence of a feudal cast social system at that time. Observers can easily distinguish noble houses from those of the poor. Mehrpadin castle like the Saryazd fortress is also situated in the prosperous Mehriz district near Yazd. Here deserts and gardens meet, creating what is better known as an oasis.


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