Water Museum of Yazd

11547566275_24500c73c6_b water-museum-2 -visit_to_water_museum____-20000000002218489-500x375

Yazd Water museum was set up in 2000 in the wake of the first international conference on Qantas in Yazd. The museum building has once been a merchant’s house built in 1929. Two Qantas are running beneath the museum at different levels, which are reachable through a special stairway called Payab. This museum has put on display a variety of water objects from Qanats to water ownership documents. Some parts of the house structure represent some part of water history in the region. For example the stairways to Qantas or a reservoir on the roof can show how water technologies and everyday life have been interwoven in the past.The museum is one of the best tourist destinations in Yazd, which receive hundreds of visitors everyday.


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