Tomb of Daniel

The tomb of the biblical prophet Daniel in Shush, Khuzestan Province, Iran. Tradition favors Shush as the site of the tomb although six oher locations also claim the distinction: Babylon, Kirkuk, Mosul (destroyed in 2014), and Muqdadiyah, all in Iraq; Malamir, Iran; and a site near Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The present structure was built in 1871. 21 Apr 14, 4GB1, 2087, 08:40, D300.


The Tomb of Daniel is the Traditional burial place of the biblical Prophet Daniel. Various locations have been named for the site, but the tomb is Susa Khuzestan, is the most widely accepted. The book of Daniel mentions that Daniel lived in Babylon and may have visited the place of Susa, but the place where he died is not specified, the tradition preserved among the Jews and Arabs is that he was buried in Susa. Today the Tomb of Daniel in Susa is a popular attraction among local Muslims and Iran’s Jewish Community alike.


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