Arg of Karim Khan

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The Karim Khan Castle is a citadel located in the downtown of Shiraz, southerm Iran. It was built as part of a complex during the Zand dynasty and is named after Karim Khan, and served as his living quarters. In shape it resembles a medieval fortress. Arg-e-Karim Khan was built in 1180 AH. Karim Khan invited the best architects and artists of the time and bought the best materials from the cities and abroad for the construction of the citadel of Karim Khan, which was quickly constructed. During the Zand dynasty it was used by the King as living quarters. During the Qajar period it was used as the governors seat. After the hall of Qajar Dynasty it was converted into a Prison and the Paintings were Plastered over. In 1971 it was given to Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization. The renovation of the citadel started in 1977.


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