Colors of Iran Through the Lens of a Tourist


A picture taken on August 5, 2015 shows foreign tourists visiting Tehran's Golestan Palace (The Rose Garden Palace). Long seen as a destination strewn with shortcomings, Iran is making a fresh pitch for tourists, with the recent lifting of economic sanctions providing an opportunity to cash in. / AFP / ATTA KENARE / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY Siavosh GHAZIATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images

iran-women-1USE_3537799a-xlarge 2016-04-19-1461094848-796348-iran1-thumb

Traveling is important, because it takes people and places them with the vibrant, sensory fabric of a destination. This allows explorers to view with their own eyes the details of a location and offers them the opportunity to weave their story with that of the locals. Walking through the streets of Iran as a foreigner, is a experience finding the missing page in a novel. There is a great media attention on this multi-faceted country nestled in the Middle East. However, in between the grey blur of Political debated, not many have been able to see the colors that have long been the foundation of Iran, its people,its culture and its history.


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