The Ganjali Khan Complex

Ganjali_Khan_Bathhouse_Frescoes 3468600d19b47c47fbca6b599699001a download

This complex is a Safavid-era complex located in the old center of Kerman city. The complex is composed of a school, a square, a caravansary, bathhouse, mosque and a bazaar. Its portal bears a foundation inscription from 1598 composed by Calligrapher Alireza Abbasi. The plan of the caravansary is based on the four-iwan typology with double story halls centered on tall iwans enveloping four sides of an open courtyard. There is an octagonal fountain at the center of the courtyard which is chambered at the corners. The caravansary measures 31 by 23 meters. It has a small domed mosque at one corner that measures 51/2 by 5 meters.


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