The Chamber of Commerce

iran-germany-flags 46cd8d_3ecd502423084428822fdec9272e3e78

Germany’s economy Ministry announced that the Payment if the debts to the state insurance Hermes, prevent joint projects and export to the countries insurance coverage that was resolved. Iran’s Ambassador to Germany, said the work will start as of the beginning of July. The Government of Germany will once again start the economics projects and commercial insurance with the German companies. It is the official announcement by the Ministry of the German economy is expected to accelerate normalization of relations with Iran, German companies and manufactures. German press Agency reported that the Iranian Pony Hermes insurance, has paved the way to revive trade relations with this country. Sigmas Gabriel, the Minister of Economy and deputy chancellor Angela Merkel, re-establishing insurance coverage Hermes ” another important step, in order to revive economic relations between Germany and Iran.


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