City of Fahraj

Fahraj a town in the Persian province of Yazd. The town is 1270 m above sea level, located 30 km southeast of Yazd on the foothill of Calta mountain. Fahraj is situated in an environment on the desert fringe, and its irrigation is from Qanatas and deep wells. The economy is basically agricultural with some … More City of Fahraj

Dowlatabad Garden

Dowlatabad Garden located in Yazd Central Iran. The garden is an authentic Iranian garden that annually attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. This is a complex built according to the original Iranian Architectural style and consists of a large garden and some buildings. Looking at the garden and the main entrance of the garden … More Dowlatabad Garden

Rudkhan Castle

Iran’s biggest ancient brick and stone castle. Rudkhan Castle, located 25 Km Southwest of Fooman city north, Iran, is a military complex which had been constructed during the Sejluk Dynasty. The Castle is built on two tips of a mountain, with an area of five hectares.

The Gold Plaque

The Gold Plaque with horned lion-griffins, Achaemenid, 6th and 4th Century B.C. Iran. In the sixth century B.C., under the leadership of Cyrus the great (538-530 BC), the Achaemenid Persian dynasty over threw Median Kings and established and empire that would eventually extend from eastern Europe and Egypt to India. They built Palaces and ceremonial … More The Gold Plaque